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Green Stone Wealth understands that your wealth is an important division of your life. Unlike other advice that people seek, the financial advisory is something with which they can’t take a risk. With a slow and lumping economy, you don’t want to make a decision that you regret in the future.

Our approach to financial planning and wealth management is simple and it works. We tailor strategies and plan of actions to deliver utmost profit that you can pass on to your next generations without a second thought.


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With a pugnacity in our approach, our equity advisory team follows equity strategies and changing trends that help our clients dominate the market with a revenue backed financial model. We guide our clients to make decisions based on our robust evaluation considering various key factors.

At Green Stone Wealth, we take up the hectic challenge of concluding whether business or startup deserves your valuable funds. Based on multiple factors that consider and evaluate businesses for returns, revenue system, competitive positioning and more.

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Our proven stock trading and investing are based on thorough research of the market. While optimizing the trades for Derivatives trading, we ensure that the party has reclaimable securities and capital in case of future market’s ups and downs.

Green Stone Wealth aims to provide you the best “lock” and “option” products that offer you a better interest rate, future of the derivative and you stay assured that the trading is being administered and supervised by a dedicatedly responsible team owing to the high success rate of trading.

The derivatives market in India is on a soaring rise these days and achieving financial freedom with our proven techniques on enhanced derivatives trading gives you an upper edge on most of the traders in the market.

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Mutual Funds

Say Hello To Smart Investing

Regardless to say, Mutual Funds are safe in most of the cases. But, it’s not just the safe that you want from your investment. At Green Stone Wealth, we improvise hard on the returns from your inputs, recommend feedback, report regularly, monitor results systematically and analyze performance on various key metrics that result in enhanced outcomes.

Our guided mutual fund investment tips feed you with ample database to help you choose the right mutual fund that delivers you the optimum results at the best possible price that you are willing to pay. To ensure high returns, our professional desk will be right at your service, guiding you to understand what your next move should be. So without wasting time, you witness your bountiful benefits by the time others would be regretting not making those decisions.

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Portfolio Management

Jacking up outcomes with attenuated risks & enriching the trade profile

We have divested risks, drop rates and alleviated brokerage charges that ultimately benefit the trader profile. Now, you will observe an enhanced growth rate that strengthens your trading profile. We thrive day-in and day-out to ensure that your funds are invested in the best of the mutual funds present in the market. With our calculated risk identifying approach, we actively push towards getting our hands on the highest paying assets in the current market & future’s assumed market so you stay dominated in the current market and the market of the future.

Our integrated approach to managing portfolios is specifically curated for both active and inactive traders catering to just one sole intention – higher profits. In order to ensure a portfolio that’s worth capturing eyeballs, we acquire high-end stocks & trades that solve a purpose and have a lasting future.

We also facilitate our clients and alliances to avail growth-oriented opportunities by cost-effective executions in a dark pool of trading sharks that dupe new investors in the market.

Green Stone Wealth creates a diverse portfolio for our clientele that aims to protect during market slowdowns, recessions and more. With a highly acclaimed multi-level trading system, we form an ideal network of fund management that leads to financial stability, big profits and complemented downside protection.

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Fixed Income

Discover a higher rate of returns

In order to help our clients make strong decisions, we back them up with heavy and repeating fixed income flowing into their bank accounts. Green Stone Wealth very well understands how much importance a fixed income holds. Our team analyses and monitors the latest, current and future market trends to help you maximize cash flow in your bank accounts.

We are one of those few Wealth Management Companies that executes the best investment practices followed by seers and masters of economics. With our approach at accurately measuring the returns for the minimum investment that our clients put in, we optimize a fixed income that grows compounded.

We resort to ensure our clients yield superior returns upon secured investment. This is where Green Stone Wealth draws a line with the competition. We deliver highly researched and well-planned decisions who’s results speak for themselves.

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