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Among one of its kind, Green Stone Wealth offers a wide fleet of investment, trading and wealth management options that works as a catalyst in your wealth goals. We are an independent Wealth Management Services and Wealth Planning organization who’s fleet extend to a myriad of different services. We endeavored to conceptualize wealth management services of the future by optimally utilising the latest technology and sophisticated terminologies that most people tend to ignore.

Green Stone Wealth is a one-stop destination for your trading, wealth planning and investing needs. From individual to corporates, we offer a wide range of investing, trading and wealth planning services.

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Personal Wealth Management

High yield low investment growth options that can be withdrawn at any time.

Family Wealth Management

Long tenure customized wealth creation option designed to produce cash flow.

Corporate Wealth Management

Developing a strategic plan to model your financial decisions at diversified low cost investment plans.

Grow your wealth with multiple National and Overseas Investment options

Why limit yourself to one country when you have better opportunities elsewhere? We strategize investment for open market tax-efficient profiles to give you max returns even when the economies are fragile.

Financial Advisory Services

Our dedicated team of financial advisors having extensive and in-depth experience of how economies, trading and investment works has helped our clients play safe and strong throughout the year.

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Market Research

It starts with the identification and alignment of the client’s goals. Through analysing, drafting and reporting, we monitor, review and re-assess the formed strategies. Our vigorous research framework helps in identifying business objectives and avoiding conflicts.

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Trading Services

In today’s fast paced world, trading is swift. Our trading department is well versed at analysing, evaluating and deciding when to take hold of a stock and when to release it. Stay rest assured, our results speak for our strategies and executions.

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Say hello to the new opportunities

It’s a huge world, and Green Stone Wealth helps you get what’s the best available in it for you. From regular updates on your investments to advice and suggestions, we do it all for you.


We make all our strategies clear to you so you don’t have sleepless nights worrying about your money.


Our policies and terms of working are fair. We strive to make sure our clients are treated fair in terms of our work policies.

Advice & suggestions

What’s investment & trading without suggestions? We offer hand-in-hand service to guide you through it all.

Milestones Covered

We’re proud to announce the milestones that we have reached. Since our inception, Green Stone Wealth with the support of its client base has observed various levels of growth opportunities. To name a few, here are some of the main highlights:


Years of Experience


Clients Served


Investment Plans

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